Offshore Support & Supply

Working alongside the largest energy companies in the world, we deliver superior service in areas such as: anchor handling, offshore towing, ice management, offshore installation resupply, subsea intervention, ROV operations, fire-fighting, oil-spill response and personnel transfer. 

Ice Management

We provide services to keep our customers operations flowing smoothly by keeping ice bergs and flows away. Our vessels are equipped with specialized gear including ice ropes and nets which allow for ice to be effectively moved, and our crews are well conditioned and trained to this environment.

Towing & Barge Transportation

It’s in our name for a reason. Our diversified fleet offers vessels from 5 – 230 mt of bollard pull to provide a range of towing services. Coupled with a fleet of barges, we are able to provide various transportation needs.


A leading harbour and terminal provider in Eastern Canada and the Caribbean, Atlantic Towing has a fleet of Robert Allen and Damen designed ASD tugs provided berthage and towage services to the world’s largest vessels.


With a variety of assets stationed in across Eastern and Western Canada, the Caribbean and the North Sea, along with experienced project managers, Master Mariners and engineers, we can provide competent solutions in emergency situations. We are also the Canadian Coast Guard’s first and only Emergency Towing Vessel provider.